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"Oh my goodness, this is what it is like
for kids!...This type of training is essential
for people who have gotten out of touch,
who have forgotten who they really are
and what they really value."
Maria Chavez
National Board, Zero to Three
Family Development Program
University of New Mexico

"Hands, Heart and Mind workshops are a
practical way to learn how to incorporate
a play philosophy into early childhood
classrooms. By engaging in a hands-on
adult play, participants experience the
joy and freedom of play which they can
transmit to young children and their
families. In this age of accountability,
it is imperative that every child has the
opportunity to grow and learn from play."
Suzanne Gellens, M.S.
Executive Director,
Florida Association for the Education of Young Children

Workshop Goal:

The goal of this unique and enjoyable hands-on self active play training is to promote and strengthen play-based learning as part of Developmentally Appropriate Practices within Early Childhood Programs that serve children from Birth-age 8 and their families. When Early Childhood Educators engage in self active play they become more knowledgeable about the purposeful use of materials and intentional teaching strategies and therefore are able to help children develop essential concepts and skills in all content areas.

Workshop Objectives:
Develop your self active play leadership skills. Become a play advocate in your community. Contact ISAE about developing Hands, Heart and Mind® workshops on site in your community.

Hands, Heart, and Mind® Older Adult and Elder Play Workshops

"It [transcendance] involves surpassing all human knowledge and experience... I am persuaded that only by doing and making do we become... Transcendance may be a regaining of lost skills, including play, activity, joy, and song, and above all, a major leap above and beyond the fear of death. ..I am profoundly moved, for I am growing old and feel shabby, and suddenly great riches present themselves and enlighten every part of my body and reach out to beauty everywhere." Erikson, 1997, p. 127.

The Hands, Heart and Mind® Older Adult and Elder Play Workshop is all about being self active – as in Erikson's quote mentioned above – "only by doing and making do we become". The workshop presents self active play and art making opportunities for older adults and elders to do, to make, and to become reawakened as they feel and think deeply. Older adults and elders, who are encouraged and thoughtfully guided into the process of hands-on self active play and art making with open ended materials, reconnect with earlier stages of development, spontaneously balancing and strengthening, hope, will, purpose, competence, fidelity, love, care, and wisdom. Play's intrinsic qualities include spontaneity of the spirit, thinking deeply, feeling intensely and building a trust in one's intuitive self.

Contact ISAE about developing Hands, Heart and
Mind® Older Adult and Elder workshops on site in your community in 3 hour, 6 hour, or multiple day workshop formats.